The Impact of Policy Recommendations to Date

Since 2012, the Commission has been publishing the “State of Broadband” report, each report culminating in a set of recommendations on how to further advance universal broadband connectivity deployment. The State of Broadband reports build on the two original outputs of the Broadband Commission, the 2010 report, “A 2010 Leadership Imperative: The Future Build on Broadband”, and the 2011 report, “Broadband: A Platform for Progress.”1

3.1 State of Broadband Recommendations from 2012 to 2018

From 2012 to 2018, there have been 66 different recommendations put forth by the State of Broadband reports. Most of them (58), fall into one of ten categories:

3.2 Impact of State of Broadband recommendations

  • Measuring country progress through the ICT Regulatory Tracker
  • Adoption of infrastructure sharing models and open access
  • Growth of universal access and service (UAS) policies worldwide
  • Implement Public Access Programmes
  • Digital entrepreneurship and encouraging SMEs online
  • Global advocacy for broadband and digital economy issues