List of Figures

Figure 1 Education in the time of COVID-19 Figure 2 Global information and communications technology (ICT) adoption in 2010 (per 100 inhabitants) Figure 3 Highlights of advocacy efforts in the first five years of the Commission Figure 4 Advocacy Milestones, 2015 to 2020 Figure 5 The Broadband Commission targets Figure 6 Growth in the number of countries with a national broadband plan, or emphasis on broadband in a digital agenda or strategy, 2020 Figure 7 Number of countries having achieved the Broadband Commission target with mobile broadband services, 2019 Figure 8 Number of countries having achieved the Broadband Commission target with fixed-broadband services, 2019 Figure 9 Decrease in the average selling price of smartphones between 2012 and 2017 Figure 10 Cumulative Feature Phone Shipments Opportunity by Geography (Millions of Units) Figure 11 Smart Feature Phone vs Entry Level Smartphone Example Figure 12 Global internet user penetration, and by region, vs Commission target, 2019 Figure 13 Individuals Using the Internet, Penetration Rates, 2010 vs 2019 (per 100 inhabitants) Figure 14 The top barriers to mobile internet use in surveyed low- and middle-income countries, by region Figure 15 Non-users in Brazil cite lack of skills as reason for not using the internet Figure 16 Self-reported reasons for not using the internet Figure 17 Percentage of individuals with ICT skills, by development status, 2017 Figure 18 Evolution of global mobile money landscape, 2001 to 2019 Figure 19 Globally, percentage of the population that have made or received digital payments in the past year (% age 15+) (female and male) (2014 versus 2017) Figure 20 Use cases for space technology in the finance sector Figure 21 Diffusion of selected ICT tools and activities in large and small businesses, OECD, 2010 and 2018 Figure 22 Internet user gender gap (%), 2013 versus 2019 Figure 23 Internet penetration rate for men and women, 2019 Figure 24 Digital Divides by Human Development Index Groupings and by ICT, 2017 Figure 25 Concentration curves showing greater inequalities for advanced technologies Figure 26 Framework summary of responses on #REG4COVID Figure 27 Total fiber deployment and fiber density by total geographic area, 2019 Figure 28 Digital Infrastructure Increases and the Ability to Convert Wealth into Well-Being - Up to a Point Figure 29 The Immediate Actions in the Commission’s Agenda for Action Figure 30 The Medium-Term Agenda for the Commission’s Agenda for Action